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LED Video Walls

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Call for a free quote today! LED Video Walls for rent or sale, new or used.

Bring your next concert or big event to life with large indoor or outdoor video walls.

LED Video Walls for Live Concert Production

LED Video Walls for Concert Productions

Video Wall Production

LED Video Wall Production







Large Format LED Video Walls for any occasion.

Please ask your account executive for details.LED Video Walls in concert by Power Factory Productions

LED Video Wall

Outdoor LED Video Walls for rent. Call for pricing today (281) 630-6900.

LED Walls are the latest technology.

Why not take your event to the next level. 


LED Panels Outdoor in Concert

Lightking outdoor Video PanelsLED Panels In Concert Outdoors





Looking for a great backdrop? Look no further. Video Panels give you literally endless options and looks!



LightKing LED Panels in Stock – Ask for Sales

LED video panel

LKDS0666O panel rear

Product Details

  • Brand:
  • Model number:
  • Applicable environment:
  • Pixle pitch:
  • Pixel configuration:
  • Brightness:
  • Colors:
  • Cabinet size:
    640mm x 640mm x 123mm (25″ x 25″)

Professional Super High Quality Outdoor High Resolution 6.6mm Video Panels for Every Occasion! 

Light King LED Panels


These panels are in stock & ready for rent. Call our rental department for a great price on your next event!


Professional Outdoor LED Video Panels

LED Video Walls are the latest technology. You can make any event look big with these impressive panels. The limit to the design and creativity is endless. Wtih the ability to put literally any content on these surfaces, the looks that can be designed is limited only by the creativity of the designer. From color graphics to video images, any combination can be achieved. These LED Video Wall panels are perfect for any occasion, from a trade show booth display to a backdrop on a conert stage, they make everything you are doing look much more impressive. Try adding them to your next event. You won’t want to do another one without them!


Big outdoor LED Displays, please call today for more information.

LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls Outdoors & Indoors


Professional productions at good prices, call today. (281) 630-6900 or simply request an estimate at: info@powerfactorypro.com

LED Video Walls



Incredibly Beautiful LED Video Panels







Audio Visual Production


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  1. brad mathias /

    Wanted to get some price quotes for a 9 x15 or 10×16 LED wall with a 16:9 ratio. Used or new.

  2. chuck /

    Dear Sir,

    How are you doing?

    This is Chuck from Chipshow, which ranked TOP 5 in LED display industry with 15 years production experience.
    We are professional to make goods of stable quality by over 20,000 cases accumulated successfully.

    Our new design without air-conditioner and much less wind resistance by ventilation or hollow out design(Ventilation Screen):

    And our LED TV video:

    As a comprehensive LED display solution supplier, we need your project information & status to put forward a specific solution:
    ◆Dimensions : Length & height
    ◆ Installation: For rental use or fixed installation?
    ◆ Viewing distance : What’s the minimum viewing distance between the LED screen and people?
    ◆ For outdoor or indoor?
    ◆ Installation site: do you have pictures of the installation site for a deep analysis?

    Aiming at a long-term collaboration with your esteemed company, we are eagerly to hear from you soonest.

    Best regards,
    Chuck Chan
    Sales Dept.
    Mobile/What’s App: +86 158 6028 0800
    Wechat: 871663264
    Skype: buddachuck

  3. Ali /

    We need a 20×16 ft LED wall display with setup and breakdown included. Setup Aug 12 and breakdown Aug 14. This will be a 2 day event. It is in Houston, TX. Send us the various options that you have along with their reasonable pricing. Also, if you could include pictures for better visualization.

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