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LED Video Walls


LED Video Walls Houston (281) 630-6900 

Call for a free quote today! LED Video Walls for rent or sale, new or used.

LED Video Walls are big in Houston. Most big events, or events that want to make a big impression, use LED video walls. This enables them to really take their show or event over the top. High quality sound and lighting are critical to the success of any production, LED video walls take things to a whole other level. There may be no other way to impress your audience more than the impact of video walls. For this reason we at Power Factory Productions Unlimited are committed to doing whatever it takes to try to incorporate them into most of our productions.

Bring your next concert or big event to life with large indoor or outdoor video walls.

LED Video Walls Houston

LED Video Walls for Concert Productions

Have you ever been to a concert and not been able to see the performer? You’ve paid big money but you can’t see your favorite artist perform. Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair does it? Well the solution for that is LED video walls. Now everyone can see the show close up, no matter how much you’ve paid for your seats.



If you’re a promoter you can make sure that all of your clientele are 100% completely satisfied. What does this mean for you? That all your customers are very likely to keep coming back to you. When you’re in business that is of the utmost importance.

LED Video Walls Houston

LED Video Wall Production


Usually the impression you want to make on both you clients and personnel is a big one. LED Video Walls is one of the best ways to accomplish that.


Large Format LED Video Walls for any occasion.

Please ask your account executive for details.

LED Video Wall

Outdoor LED Video Walls for rent. Call for pricing today (281) 630-6900.

LED Walls are the latest technology.

Why not take your event to the next level. 

Your audience will love you for it! No doubt the impression you will make will pay off in the long run. In most cases the extra expense of high energy video production can be offset by the advertising you can sell displaying commercials and logos on the screens.


LED Video Walls Houston



Lightking outdoor Video PanelsLED Panels In Concert Outdoors

With LED Video Walls you can not only put up logos, videos, and live camera feeds, but you can incorporate colorful computer graphics that bring an extra level of excitement to the stage production. The creative possibilities are only limited to the designer’s imagination and creative abilities. 




Looking for a great backdrop? Look no further. Video Panels give you literally endless options and looks!


LightKing LED Panels in Stock – Ask for Sales

LED video panel

LKDS0666O panel rear

Product Details

  • Brand:
  • Model number:
  • Applicable environment:
  • Pixle pitch:
  • Pixel configuration:
  • Brightness:
  • Colors:
  • Cabinet size:
    640mm x 640mm x 123mm (25″ x 25″)

Professional Super High Quality Outdoor High Resolution 6.6mm Video Panels for Every Occasion! 

Light King LED Panels


These panels are in stock & ready for rent. Call our rental department for a great price on your next event!


Professional Outdoor LED Video Panels

LED Video Walls are the latest technology. You can make any event look big with these impressive panels. The limit to the design and creativity is endless. Wtih the ability to put literally any content on these surfaces, the looks that can be designed is limited only by the creativity of the designer. From color graphics to video images, any combination can be achieved. These LED Video Wall panels are perfect for any occasion, from a trade show booth display to a backdrop on a conert stage, they make everything you are doing look much more impressive. Try adding them to your next event. You won’t want to do another one without them!


Big outdoor LED Displays, please call today for more information.

LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls Outdoors & Indoors


Professional productions at good prices, call today. (281) 630-6900 or simply request an estimate at: info@powerfactorypro.com

LED Video Walls



Incredibly Beautiful LED Video Panels







Audio Visual Production


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  1. brad mathias /

    Wanted to get some price quotes for a 9 x15 or 10×16 LED wall with a 16:9 ratio. Used or new.

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    Dear Sir,

    How are you doing?

    This is Chuck from Chipshow, which ranked TOP 5 in LED display industry with 15 years production experience.
    We are professional to make goods of stable quality by over 20,000 cases accumulated successfully.

    Our new design without air-conditioner and much less wind resistance by ventilation or hollow out design(Ventilation Screen):

    And our LED TV video:

    As a comprehensive LED display solution supplier, we need your project information & status to put forward a specific solution:
    ◆Dimensions : Length & height
    ◆ Installation: For rental use or fixed installation?
    ◆ Viewing distance : What’s the minimum viewing distance between the LED screen and people?
    ◆ For outdoor or indoor?
    ◆ Installation site: do you have pictures of the installation site for a deep analysis?

    Aiming at a long-term collaboration with your esteemed company, we are eagerly to hear from you soonest.

  3. Ali /

    We need a 20×16 ft LED wall display with setup and breakdown included. Setup Aug 12 and breakdown Aug 14. This will be a 2 day event. It is in Houston, TX. Send us the various options that you have along with their reasonable pricing. Also, if you could include pictures for better visualization.

  4. James Hayes /

    Hi, My name is James Hayes and I am a local event promoter looking to rent out an LED Wall for our EDM Event on April 22nd in Houston Texas. Please get back to me with rates.

    James Hayes

    1. PFPI / Post Author

      Thank you for reaching out to us for your video wall needs. We would be happy to provide a video wall for the EDMI Event on Aprill 22nd. Please feel free to email me or call me direct to discuss the details.

      Thank you,

      Power Factory Productions
      (281) 630-6900

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    Thanks for picking up my phone, I will visit you on 12:00AM and bring our product to show you.
    Billy Luo

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    High end wireless smart LED video displays manufacturer(deluxe large events deserve!)! Further talks via skype WATERTANG1021,M./WA.:+86-13148893858,More waiting for your exploring!
    Customize your needs, of course SBC!

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